"Kalamon" Olives

"Kalamon" olives, vacuum packed, made in the olive groves of the Monastery of the Annunciation at Ormylia Chalkidiki. The organic grape vinegar, the extra virgin olive oil and the sea salt accompany these unique, sweet monastic olives from the dependency of Simonopetra in Ormylia of Chalkidiki.

The debittering takes from 30 up to 40 days and is done only with natural - traditional methods without the use of chemicals. In this way the olive maintain all their organoleptic characteristics.


  • Kalamon olives
  • Organic vinegar from grapes
  • Athonite Oregano
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt


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tax included


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Green Olives and their great nutritional value!

Having significant benefits for human health and longevity, olives and their products are valuable nutrients for a balanced diet, especially for Mediterranean cuisine lovers. Since ancient times, the fruit of the olive tree was considered blessed and was a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, health, abundance, beauty and strength.

The olives are rich sources of monounsaturated fatty acids. The chlorine they contain helps improve liver functions while vitamins A, D, E and K help encourage bone growth. People who follow a low sodium diet, especially hypertensive, should not consume large quantities of olives, because they are high in sodium content.

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