Our love for Greece and its traditional diet has led us to create the DELICATE GREEK company.

Greek traditional diet has become famous internationally not only for its glorified taste but because of its beneficial effects on health thus securing a better way of life. Greek traditional food products are a timeless expression of our cultural heritage. A culture of tastes and aromas that has began since the antiquity and continues to the modern day.

We import the best that Greece has to offer


Tradition is infused in Greek products.

We traveled across Greece, visited small producers and monasterys with their own productions, we visited their production facilities and tasted products that are made with respect to tradition and quality so that we can collect the most promising of what Greece has to offer. The character of our products is connected with the excellent quality of their ingredients and the authenticity of their original and unrelated taste.


Monastic products have taken a special place in our catalogue and in our hearts. Greek monasterys, continuing their ageless traditions, exercise the responsibility of agricultural cultivation based on age-old knowledge and modern technology. The well-preserved knowledge of the past, grafted with the uninterrupted care of the monks, creates the unparalleled formula in the production of fine food products


The aim of our company is to highlight the Greek tradition and the unique biodiversity of the Greek land through the promotion of Greek products of high quality and unsurpassed nutritional value.

We are proud that the high standards of our products can meet your expectations by offering you a more savory and healthy lifestyle.

Also taking a step further from the Greek food we want to present a series of organic beauty products made with Greek ingredients such as mastic and olive oil etc.